Goody QuickStyle (Holiday VoxBox)

I received the Goody Quickstyle Brush as a free trial in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.  I have used many Goody products in the past, so I was super excited to try it.  The Goody QuickStyle is a brush with microfiber loops inset with the plastic bristles.  The microfiber loops are supposed to act like a towel to help dry your hair faster.  I am not a good hair dryer.  I am pretty good at everything else hair, but I am a remedial hair dryer, at best.  This is largely because I am not patient and don’t want to take the time.  I do not dry properly, I do not dry upside down or normally use a brush to comb each section of hair.  I use the hair dryer on the highest heat and wind setting it has, and just kind of randomly shoot the dryer at my hair to dry it as quickly as possible. 

When I tried the Goody Quickstyle, I actually dried it correctly, using the brush to comb through each piece of hair as I shot it with the dryer.  I didn’t get the impression that my hair was drying faster.  The brush is very good at detangling and holding the hair in place.  The half round shape allowed me to curl my hair under as I got towards the ends.  BUT — I just didn’t see a significant decrease in drying time.  Also, I felt like the little microfiber loops got stuck in the bristles.  I’m not sure if this affected the functionality of the brush at all, but it annoyed me.  I used the brush a couple of times on my hair dry, to brush before styling, and I think that when you use it on dry hair, it makes your hair have more static.  Both times I’ve used it I’ve ended up with more static in my hair than normal.  Over all it is a good all around brush, but I’m not convinced it shortens drying time.  I’ll continue to use it.



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