Kiss Nail Dress (Holiday VoxBox Trial)

I received the Kiss Nail Dress as a free trial in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.The Kiss Nail Dress tips were difficult for me to apply. I keep my nails very short and the tips were difficult to get to fit my short nails. I LOVE the look once I got them on. I think if you had longer nails they would be much easier to apply. The peel and stick part of the product description is true, and that part was easy! However, Getting the length right was difficult. I finally figured out that I needed to trim the decal down with nail clippers before using the file as the instructions suggest. These seem to be thicker than other brands (probably because of the Rhinestones), so it was more difficult to just bend it over the end of the nail. Also, I didn’t love the color and design sent in my box. I may try them again with another color/design that isn’t raised. Over all it is a nice product, it just didn’t apply well to my short/small nails.




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