Quaker Oatmeal Real Medley’s (Holiday VoxBox)

I received the Quaker Oatmeal Real Medley’s as a free trial in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.Let me preface this review by saying that I LOVE oatmeal. I LOVE most kinds of oatmeal. I even like plain oatmeal, nothing added.
My favorite Oatmeal is Oatmeal like my Granny makes with a little butter, milk, and sugar. But now that I’m grown I use splenda.
Because of my love for oatmeal I was super, super excited to see the Quaker Oatmeal Real Medley’s in my Holiday VoxBox.
This oatmeal was good, not great, not fabulous, not Oatmeal that is a gift from God, but it was good….. I received the Apple Walnut Oatmeal, which was slightly deceiving because it had cranberries and maybe some other kind of dried cherry in it. The oatmeal was super easy to make, had easy to follow instructions, and showed just exactly how much water to add. It was also convenient that you didn’t have to have a bowl to put it in. The flavor of the oatmeal was good. I liked it, but it had a LOT of Fruit and Nuts in it. The Fruit and Nuts almost over power the oatmeal. I would’ve liked it better if there were fewer Fruit and Nuts. Seemed like there was more add-ons than oatmeal. I am excited to try the other flavors of Real Medley’s. Can’t wait to find them in the local Grocery Store.





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