Colgate Optic White

This is a product review of the products I received for FREE from @influenster.

There were 3 products in my VoxBox from Colgate Optic White.

I was pleasantly surprised by the toothpaste.  I am not normally a fan of whitening products because the toothpaste always seems to have a salty, baking soda flavor.  I did not find this with these products.  The products had a pleasant flavor that wasn’t offensive.

I am not normally a user of mouthwash, so I really can’t compare the results of this mouthwash to others other than to say it was easy to use, tasted pleasant, and left my mouth feeling very clean.

The toothbrush was a nice toothbrush.  It cleaned well and was easy enough to use.  It is a great medium bristle brush.

Overall I really enjoyed these products, I think I need to use them longer to truly rate their whitening capabilities, but I look forward to  using these products in the future.



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