Sugar N Spice VoxBox

I’m a little behind writing this blog, but I wanted to review my Sugar and Spice VoxBox for everyone.

Optic White – I received 3 products from Optic White.   Toothpaste, Toothbrush, and Mouthwash.  All of these products worked very nicely.  I was especially impressed with the toothpaste as it didn’t have the salty, baking soda flavor that many whitening toothpastes can have.  

Nectresse – The Nectresse was a nice suprise.  I am an avid Splenda user and was afraid of trying Nectresse because I am not really a fan of any other artificial sweeteners.  The Nectresse was awesome.  It nicely sweetened my tea/coffee without leaving a bitter after taste or an off flavor.  I will definitely be buying more!

BelVita – I really enjoyed the BelVita.  It was like a yummy graham cracker with more nutrients.  I don’t love super sweet items for breakfast, and this was perfect.

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Wipes – I have heard of Witch Hazel for years but hadn’t ever used it for anything.  These wipes were great for wiping my face to get the grime of the day off.  I was surprised they weren’t drying.  They are perfect for travel or throwing into your purse.  

Vaseline Spray & Go – This was probably my least favorite product.  While I loved the lotion and have loved Vaseline lotions for years, I was disappointed.  You have to rub it in quite a bit more than I anticipated you would have to based on the commercial and advertising.  I didn’t feel comfortable just spraying and wiping like the girl in the commercial does.  It seemed too heavy for that application.  The moisturizer is great, it smells nice, and everything about it was good, but if you are looking for a truly spray and go moisturizer, this isn’t it.

Overall this was a good VoxBox.  I enjoyed all of the items in the box and will probably use most of them again in the future.





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