To Boycott or not to Boycott! Businesses open on Holidays

This has been irritating me for a while, so I am going to go ahead and MarandaRant about it. (I’m sure many will disagree, but I’m ready for it!)

Let’s take a fresh look and a new perspective at this — If you CAN be off on Thanksgiving, or any other Holiday, to spend with your family, that is AWESOME (and we all know I am all about spending all of the time I can with my friends and family, whenever I can!)

Some people do not have the luxury of not working on Holidays.
Drs, Nurses, Policemen, Firemen, Pharmacists, Paramedics, just to name a few. My grandma was a dispatcher for the fire department for almost 30 years. She worked either Thanksgiving or Christmas, Every.Single.Year, for my entire life.

If you have an accident, are you going to stay home from the hospital, just because it is a holiday? Not go to Walgreen’s for your emergency prescription because it is a holiday? Not call the police or fire department because it is a holiday?

What makes the cashier at K-Mart better than my husband and other pharmacist friends, my best friend who is a nurse, or my friend’s husband who is a police officer?

Why is the drive through worker at McDonald’s entitled to spend time with their family, but we take for granted that so many other essential employees are working?

Why are we all pledging to not shop on Thanksgiving when there are so many who have no choice but to work, on Thanksgiving? (Without any type of holiday compensation. In many cases it is just another day.)

So — I AM going shopping on Thanksgiving, because I can! And to take a stand for all of those who work EVERY.SINGLE.HOLIDAY, behind the scenes, that we all forget about.